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Will Worthington Art


I would like to use Will's imagery - can I do this?

It depends!  If you are using the imagery for a not for profit basis, then it's ok.  Not for profit basis means - if you want to use it as the basis of a tattoo design FOR YOURSELF then that's ok.  It's not OK to take the designs, if you are a professional tattoo artist, and offer the images for sale to your clients.


Likewise, if you want to use an image on, for example, ceramic tiles (and yes, it's been done!) that's a commercial use and you must discuss this with Will before you proceed.


If in doubt, please use the Contact form.


If you want to use the images as your Card of The Day, you may do so - but please ensure that all uses include the watermark:


©       or  ©Will Worthington & Eddison Sadd


If you wish to include Will's artwork as part of a teaching aid - for example, you wish to create a training course using his artwork to illustrate it, please use the contact form.